5 minutes and 53 seconds of tear-jerking begging …

Last week, ​one of​ the most repulsive and sickening videos we, as a country...NO...as humans, had ever seen, Horrifyingly invaded every social media platform, website, and television screen,

Surfacing for the entire world to tragically see, and bear witness,

The last thing I want to hear is any trivial lip service.

Yes, I said ​one of.​ Whether you are an ardent activist or choose to be the intentional ignorant, you know that, In the innermost depths of your heart and soul, George Floyd is not the first, nor is he the last. And that’s a fact. I say that with the supreme, utmost confidence I have. And that confidence,

Illustrates the autonomous’ fundamentally incompetent view towards the people they’d label as intolerant.

But I guess we live in a world where the color of your skin determines your consequence.

That confidence, is one of the most despicable emotions I’ve ever felt,

Am I evil for wishing Chauvin would have felt that feeling George felt before he knelt? Absolutely appalling!



2 minutes and 46 seconds of terrifying silent debilitating ...

But why?

Why is it okay for families to vehemently plead, grieve, and cry?

Why should we have to see our friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers suffer? Treated like another piece of trash in the gutter.

Amerikkka- “the marvelous, valorous, and free state,”

So they say,

Despite our country’s abominable history, we’re not born to hate.

People in their lives teach that poisonous ignorance,

Imagine that. A color difference driving bitterness and belligerence?

I had a white lady tell me in traffic one time, “White people always come first fucking idiot!” Your racism, to my ears, sounds illiterate.

I don’t know what that is.

I wasn’t taught it.

But the things is, that quote resonates loud and clear for so many,

Just look at white supremacist marches, they’ve always remained steady.

Completely unbothered.

Even empowered.

8 minutes and 46 seconds of heart-wrenching, murderous choking. This is a message to all parents.

If you’ve taught to hate, you’ve failed as a parent,

Go ahead, keep worshiping that tyrant,

Rest assured though, your time will come on Judgment Day, All I’m trying to say,

Is every time you hate,

You spit in God’s face.

Do we have to beg as desperately as George to teach love,

Nevermind, it didn’t make a difference there either. I guess hate is something only God can get rid of.