I am not quite sure how to reflect on this semester. As a producer, each show felt like a blur, and in this time of social distancing, the weeks blend together. I spent the first half of the semester just trying to feel comfortable in my role, and then the second half adjusting to producing remotely. There were so many changes from week to week that it’s hard to remember where I started. So, I decided to re-watch the first show I produced to jog my memory.

I initially felt sad and missed the days when we were in the studio together. Then I cringed a little at my writing. But once I was transported back to February 10, 2020, I had sudden flashbacks to the nerves and stress I felt that day. I remember panicking while frantically writing scripts in the control room and freaking out that our live shot was not working. The day felt so overwhelming, and the job of the producer felt intimidating with all the things we have to manage. The funny thing is I almost forgot about all of that. Every week had its own struggles, and we still raced the clock getting the shows done. But I could tell that I definitely grew more confident in my abilities as a leader.

For anyone interested in producing, time management is a huge part of the job. You have to make sure the show is timed correctly, as well as make sure you are efficient throughout the day. I have found that the more confident I am that the show will come together, the easier it is to focus on each task. Every show is made of dozens of little details, and each one needs your attention. It can be hard to let yourself focus solely on one little thing when there are a million other things to do. But that is how shows get done, so trust yourself.

During this semester, I have had the chance to work with a fantastic team week after week. I have been able to lean on these people when I have stumbled, and I hope there were times they felt they could lean on me. We grew our Monday show into something really special, and I am proud of the team we became. Now that my time here at Annenberg is coming to an end, I just want to say thank you. This has been an incredible experience that I will never forget.