Truman Fritz and Rose Ritch win USG presidential election

The newly elected President and VP plan to prioritize transparency on campus in their upcoming term.

The USC Undergraduate Student Government (USG) announced on Tuesday evening that Truman Fritz and Rose Ritch were elected as the president and vice president, respectively, for the 2020-21 school year.

Just under 24% of students voted in this year’s election, totaling 4,777 votes. The Truman-Rose duo amassed 1,522 votes, with the runners-up, Sara Khoshniyati and Rohit Bolla, close behind at 1,427 votes. Christopher McMorran and Trinity Lee came in third, followed by Christine Nguyen and Miles Kay.

Annenberg Media spoke with the newly elected President and Vice President about their campaign experience, aspirations and plan of action for the coming year.

“There were a lot of internal tickets this year, a lot of people from USG... who have been our friends since we started at USC… We had to divide the race from our friend group and that was really hard,” said Fritz about the challenges of running for presidency.

While the combination of friends and politics is normal in student government, Fritz found it crucial to keep these two separate during the campaign.

Another plan of action for the duo is to “get USG more ingrained in the USC community,” according to Fitz. They anticipate that this will improve negative rhetoric about USG failing to be transparent and communicative with the student body.

They believe this can be accomplished by meeting with students, on-campus organizations and other student communities more frequently.

Off campus, Truman and Rose plan on supporting South LA residents and workers by encouraging USC to hire locally and looking to increase wages of contract workers, said Fritz.

With an incoming class of USG officials, Truman and Rose hope to institute a policy plan to outline current USG initiatives and other on-campus groups. Citing a lack of student-USG communication as the root of many existing problems, the pair hopes to create sustainable solutions and set attainable goals for their upcoming term and beyond.

Isabel Washington topped the Senate race with 1,436 votes followed by Dario Arganese with 1321 votes. They will be joined in the 2020-21 Senate by Trinity Moore, Alexis Arelas, Mayra Rodriguez, Max Gomez, Lennon Welsey III, Ruben Romeo, Kevin Gutierrez, Cathy Ding, Gabriel Savage and Julian Lim.

As their first priority, Truman and Rose plan to create an executive cabinet, comprised of eight people, to support their goals and create an office culture that represents their values.