Blood donations surge for Thousand Oaks victims

Hundreds of people donated their blood to help the victims of the Borderline shooting.

People from as far as Burbank and Afton came to support the Thousand Oaks community by giving blood on Thursday. There were so many people that blood drive organizers had to expand to a larger location on Friday. The outpouring came after the shooting attack in the Borderline Bar & Grill left 13 dead, including the gunman, and many more wounded.

"We can make a difference as little as donating blood to save someone's life," said Leticia Osorio, who drove from 30 minutes away after finding out about the shooting on social media. She said she wanted to help as many as people as she can.

Blood drives were set up on Thursday at La Reina High School, Ventura County Health Care Agency Best Western/Thousand Oaks Inn, and Los Robles Regional Medical Center. Anyone can donate, but officials are specifically asking for people with O negative blood type to step up.

Karen Starleaf, Director of Advancement & Communications at La Reina High School, explained that the blood drive on Thursday was pre-scheduled before the tragedy Wednesday night. Usually, the participants are students and parents. Following the tragedy, there were upwards of 500 people who came to give blood.

La Reina High School is offering an option for donors to come to the gymnasium to donate Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Those donors who are still interested in donating can sign up at before coming in.

According to the La Reina High School's Main Office, the number of donors was "in the hundreds."

For those who still want to donate blood and help with wounded people in this situation, the blood drives will remain open Friday.