'This Is Us' Season 1, Finale: 'Moonshadow'

A blend of the past and present reveals the beginning of Rebecca and Jack’s story

In the past, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) have hardships in their marriage, which is obvious even to kids. While Rebecca is excited to return to a stage and sing again with her band, it's unclear whether her ex-boyfriend and band member, Ben (Sam Trammell), asked her to join the tour because of her talent or his feelings for Rebecca. Although it's Rebecca's debut, Jack isn't going to watch the show, because he hates Ben. This makes Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) upset, as she encourages her father to come and support Rebecca even if it means overcoming his ego.

Jack obviously has problems with alcohol, as he gets drunk on his way to the bar where he learns Ben pushed his limit with Rebecca. Rebecca drives Jack home, angry at herself for letting Ben fool her, and sad because her life isn't fulfilling. A huge fight unfolds between Jack and Rebecca, as they try to blame each other for every failure and frustration. In the morning, Rebecca asks Jack to move to Miguel's (Jon Huertas) place for a while. Although Jack agrees they both need some air, he takes time to explain Rebecca why he loves her, before leaving.

Flashbacks from Jack's adulthood show him struggling to make more money than he does as a handyman. Meanwhile, young Rebecca nurtures her dream to become a successful singer, but fails to get noticed at a recording studio. Frustrated with her blind date, Rebecca runs out to give another performance at a bar. Ironically, Jack misses his date as well, setting a scheme with his friend to get money at this same bar. He's mesmerized by Rebecca's appearance on a stage, and their story gets started.

In the present, the grown-up triplets come to some unexpected decisions which may impact their lives greatly. Kate (Chrissy Metz) realizes her real dream is to sing, pulling out a photo with her mom. Kevin (Justin Hartley) heads to Los Angeles to meet a director who wants to offer him a role, leaving Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) unsure of their future. Meanwhile, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) tells his wife that he wants to adopt a baby.

The audience still doesn't know what happened to Jack, and why Kate is blaming herself for his death. A second season will have more answers, and hopefully, retain a quality formula of the TV series. For now, the show fascinates with its combination of detailed and sometimes fragmented episodes, as well as dedication to the big picture: relationships between different generations and their stories.

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