Even today, Fleetwood Mac has a special significance for Allison Wolfe. Growing up, her mom would leave the band's classic 1977 album Rumours playing when she had to run to the store. Nowadays, hearing songs like "Dreams" and "Don't Stop" still have the power to transport Allison back to her childhood. Lots of us have music with strong associations. In the first story, we hear how the music of virtuoso jazz musician Kamasi Washington helped Samanta Helou through a life-changing experience. In the second, Didi Beck explains how her own childhood experience led her to a lifelong belief in ghosts. And in our final segment, Mariia Kovaleva brings us a short radio theater piece about hard choices we make in life and the memories they leave behind.

Audio stories by Samanta Helou, Didi Beck and Mariia Kovaleva

Produced by George Lavender and Allison Wolfe