MTR's Production Of "Heathers: The Musical" Sure To Be A Killer Show

MTR takes on the musical adaptation of the 80s cult-classic, “Heathers.”

Westerberg High lives in fear of a beautiful and vicious trio: Heather, Heather, and Heather. Former social outcast Veronica Sawyer is granted a short-lived acceptance into this exclusive clique, but is left out in the cold after she crosses their leader, the cruel Heather Chandler. Then, when the sexy and mysterious J.D. enters Veronica's life, things take a turn for the deadly.

USC's only student-run musical theatre company, Musical Theatre Repertory (MTR), will present this cult-classic-film-turned-musical this October. Speaking with the show's producer Cailtlin Kilgore, and music director Sasha Bartol, we discussed taking on this deadly dynamo of a show.

Each semester, the MTR Artistic Board pitches shows to each other, and then goes through a rigorous process for choosing the season. Kilgore says the board chose "Heathers: The Musical" because it "is a show that is incredibly relevant to today's audiences. It talks about universal themes of loneliness, betrayal, friendship, feeling like an outsider, and not feeling like you belong." The show packs a punch, and "tackles difficult subject matters like suicide," and "highlights the fact that everyone has their own 'damage' that they're dealing with."

Although based off of the 1989 film, "Heathers," "Heathers: The Musical" is a very different experience. Bartol notes that the addition of music to the story makes it "much more positive than the movie." Audiences can expect show-stopping songs such as "Big Fun" and "Dead Girl Walking"—Bartol's personal favorite from the show. Bartol says she decided to music direct the production because "although at first it seems like a shallow show about high school mean girls, there are a lot of deep and poignant moments that make the show meaningful."

For a night of music, murder, and mayhem, catch "Heathers: The Musical," in the Massman Theatre. The show opens Thursday, October 20th, and will be playing until the 23rd.

"Heathers: The Musical" will be playing October 20-23 in the Massman Theatre. There is a recommended $5 donation at the door. For updates on tickets and shows, visit

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