USC vs. UCLA: Violent Crime Reports

USC has more reported crimes in the last month

More violent crime was reported in and around USC than in a comparable area around UCLA, according to crime statistics for September compiled by USC Annenberg Media.

During the 28-day time period, 11 assaults and 8 robberies were reported in the vicinity of the USC campus.

In contrast, there were two reports of assaults and two reports of robberies in the UCLA's Westwood neighborhood. Both schools had one reported sex offense each.

The data looked at crimes reported on campus by the UCLA Police and the USC Department of Public Safety, as well as those reported in the neighborhoods around both campuses by the Los Angeles Police Department. The University Park neighborhood comprises a slightly larger area than Westwood and has a higher population density.

Reports from the Los Angeles Times show that University Park averaged 3.5 violent crimes per week over the past month compared to Westwood's 1.2 violent crimes. Total crime is higher in the area around USC as well, with 11.5 crimes per 10,000 people reported over the week of Sept. 16 to Sept. 22. Over the same time period, LAPD reported 1.9 crimes per 10,000 people in Westwood.

Extended data show that 76 violent crimes were reported in University Park over the past six months, while 39 were reported in Westwood. Of these, the USC area had a higher rate of aggravated assault than the UCLA area, with assaults forming 51.3 percent of violent crime near USC compared to 35.9 percent near UCLA. The exception to the trend is in sexual assaults, where five rape cases were reported near UCLA as opposed to three near USC, and in homicide, where one case was reported in Westwood and none in University Park.

This comparison is part of our ongoing coverage of crime around USC. Check back weekly for updates.

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