Couple's Privacy as Seen on 'Rob and Chyna'

"Can I Go Through Your Phone?" Blac Chyna exploded on Rob for trying to go through her phone. Was she right or wrong?

For years, his sisters have taken over the headlines, but now, Robert Kardashian is making a comeback. The only brother in a house chock-full of women has come out of the shadows and is returning to reality television. The USC grad, sock designer and reality star has spent the past few years in seclusion, suffering from depression, a huge weight gain, and a diabetes diagnosis. But in January, Rob stepped back into the public when his relationship with urban model and businesswoman Blac Chyna was revealed. While Rob looked happier than ever with his new girlfriend, there was a catch.

Blac Chyna used to be in a relationship with rapper Tyga; they were engaged until they broke up in mid-2014. Chyna was really close friends with Kim Kardashian, Rob's older sister, and even attended Kimye's wedding. Not long after Chyna and Tyga broke up, he started dating Kylie Jenner – Rob's youngest sister. This caused controversy due to their age gap (she was 17 and he was 24 at the time), and the fact that there were rumors that he left Chyna for his underage girlfriend. Bad blood ensued, and Chyna quickly separated herself from the family.

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The 12th season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" shows the family dealing with Rob's new relationships, with everyone having different reactions: Khloé was completely against it at first, Kylie actually didn't seem that bothered by it, and poor momager Kris just wished that everyone could get along. After a couple of months of dating, Rob proposed to Chyna and she accepted, and not long after that she announced she was pregnant with their first child. Now, months later, their six-episode docu-series, "Rob and Chyna," has premiered. And boy, is it full of drama!

Even though it would seem like Rob and Chyna should be in total bliss, with an upcoming wedding and baby girl on the way, it is reality television. Halfway into the first episode episode, Rob and Chyna get into an argument when Rob discovers that Chyna has changed her phone passcode. Chyna goes on the defensive, asking Rob why he is even touching her phone and reassuring him that she's not doing anything. "I'm four months pregnant, I have two businesses, I'm with King (her four-year-old son from her former relationship with Tyga), and I literally don't leave the house," she laments in an on-camera confessional. Rob, on the other hands, claims that she's shady for not giving him the new passcode and admits that he is paranoid about cheating based on his past relationships.

The next day while in the car, Chyna rants to her friend Paige about how in an apparent off-screen argument, Rob accused her of cheating with other friend, including Tyga. Chyna starts to get it in her head that maybe Rob is the one that is up to something since he seems so hell-bent on accusing her of cheating, especially since he made a passive statement about texting other women. Lo and behold, Rob calls her right at that moment. Angry and hurt, Chyna goes off on him, and the argument escalates to the point where Chyna screams at the top of her lungs: "ARE YOU STILL TEXTING [expletive]?! YES OR NO?"

When I watched this episode for the first time, my first thought was: "Wow, she sounds like a drill sergeant." Then I couldn't stop laughing because I have never heard someone go off on another person to that extent, and to that quickly either. She literally went from 0 to 100 in 1.5 seconds. But then, I looked at social media, and saw that people were split: some thought that she was right to yell at Rob (I suspect because of how funny the scene actually is), and others felt that she was out of line and too brash.

Once I was able to look at the argument without laughing and actually dissect it, I realized I actually related to Chyna quite a bit. This may come as a shock to some, but I have never let a boyfriend go through my phone, and I have also never gone through a boyfriend's phone. The reasons why are simple: I don't feel the need to. I feel that it is a huge invasion of privacy, like going through a diary. Another reason is that I feel that cheating is pointless: if I wanted to be with someone else, I shouldn't be wasting the time of the person that I'm dating. I don't have anything in my phone that would be worth seeing.

In addition, going through someone's phone usually always ends up being messy. When one does it, they're doing it knowing that they're specifically looking for something. They may misunderstand something and get their feelings hurt. Or they may even be doing it knowing that their partner hasn't given them permission. I know so many situations where having access to your partner's phone has ended up being problematic: I knew a girl once who wouldn't let her ex-boyfriend get a Snapchat because she was terrified that he would Snapchat other girls. One of my friends was sleeping over at his boyfriend's house and woke up to him going through his phone, which led to a huge argument because my friend hadn't given his boyfriend permission to do that. And lastly, my friend has an agreement with her boyfriend that they can go through each other's phones, but sometimes she'll complain about something he did, or an issue she has with one of his family members, and she'll have to delete the whole conversation.

While I do think that Chyna was a little, er, irate when she went off on Rob, I can understand why she did. Not only are they engaged and she's pregnant with his child, but she also has a right to keep her passcode to herself. Having insecurities is one of the worst reasons to want your partner's passcodes, so that's something that Rob needs to work on. Hopefully the other five episodes of Rob & Chyna won't have such high drama and will show more cute moments of the couple, but, it is reality television, so, we'll see!

Rob & Chyna airs Sundays on E!

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