Bill Clinton Campaigned for Hillary Clinton in LA (Video)

Bill Clinton talked about why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for President at LA Trade-Tech College.

Hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters lined up on Sunday to see and hear former President Bill Clinton at LA Trade-Tech College. The event started at 2 p.m., but the people at the front of the line came to the campus as early as 6 a.m. – 8 hours before the event – to get a front row view.

"We were really excited to come see Bill, former president and spouse to the future president, hopefully," said Rosalinda Miguel.

Most of her supporters at the event said they are planning to vote for her because they believe she is the most qualified. "If we were looking at this like a simple job interview, it would be such an easy sell," said Drew Arnold, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

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"She is the best change-maker I have ever known," said Bill Clinton.

The former president talked about his wife's position on a variety of issues, including college affordability.

"Hillary's [college affordability plan] says pay the tuition for everybody who needs it, dramatically increase the Pell Grant programs to cover not only expenses but living expenses," President Clinton said.

He also discussed why he believes his wife appeals to minorities, noting she has a history of fighting for them.

"They had all these academies that were claiming federal tax breaks as legitimate private schools, but they were only segregated schools," said Bill Clinton, "So, she asks the school administrator, 'If I put my son here, will it be an all white school or not?' And the guy says absolutely. She had him and they lost their tax exemption."

The former president then told the crowd about a recent conversation he had with members of New York's Congressional delegation to explain why he thinks his wife will be an effective president.

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One of the delegation members said, "If people really knew what public officials do, they would be for her overwhelmingly because of what she did for us. If you think of what she did for us as a senator, just imagine what she could do for us as president."

The speech lasted one hour. As people left the parking lot, they were greeted by a group of Bernie Sander supporters who voiced why they are not supporting Hillary Clinton.

"We feel she is not the lesser of two evils," said Lauren Steiner, a volunteer for Los Angeles for Bernie. "She is equally evil because she is a neo-liberal warmonger."

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They also said they do not believe Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for wages and workers.

"Bernie supports the $15 an hour federal minimum wage and has introduced legislation to do so," said Steiner. "Hillary only supports $12 in some cities."

Some of the Hillary Clinton supporters in attendance responded to these attacks, stating they do not believe Sanders' ideas are realistic.

"It reminds me of someone saying in high school, 'Free lunch for everybody!'" Kingston said. "But the reality is, I think Hillary has tangible plans."

Although hundreds of supporters came out to hear former president Bill Clinton, 45 percent of California registered voters currently view Hillary Clinton unfavorably, according to a recent USCDornsife/LA Times poll. Yet, Hillary Clinton supporters remain loyal to her.

"Educate yourself," insists Barbara Kingston, a Hillary Clinton supporter. "There is nobody who is better qualified for the job. When you are a target on a pedestal, they have more things to collect to interrogate her and to destroy her reputation. People are always trying to knock down the front runner."

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