Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead at 94

She died at her home in Bel Air.

Former First Lady Nancy Regan, who was married to Ronald Reagan, died Sunday morning at the age of 94 at her Bel Air home, according to ABC7 Los Angeles. The Reagan Foundation said she died of congestive heart failure.

She will be buried at the Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, California, the same news outlet reported.

Republican strategist John Thomas told USC Annenberg Media in an email: "There would be no President Reagan if it weren't for Nancy Reagan. She empowered Ronald Reagan to run, win and be an effective President. Mrs. Reagan helped usher in a golden era of Republican politics. She was an amazing woman and will be missed by all, especially in the Republican Party."

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Former First Lady Barbara Bush, wife of former President George H.W. Bush, said in a statement, "Nancy Reagan was totally devoted to President Reagan, and we take comfort that they will be reunited once more. George and I send our prayers and condolences to her family."

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, wrote in a Facebook post, "With the passing of Nancy Reagan, we say a final goodbye to the days of Ronald Reagan. With charm, grace, and a passion for America, this couple reminded us of the greatness and the endurance of the American experiment."

Nancy Reagan was born in New York on July 6, 1921, but was raised in Chicago. She married her late husband on March 4, 1952.

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