Donald Trump Increases Lead on Super Tuesday

The real estate mogul won seven states.

Donald Trump won seven Republican primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday, March 1. The GOP front runner won more than 30 percent of the vote in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia.

He came in second place to Sen. Ted Cruz in Cruz's home state of Texas and in Alaska and Oklahoma. Minnesota Republicans voted for Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, followed by Cruz then Trump.

Following his Super Tuesday victories, Trump took to the stage at a rally in Florida. He announced he would focus his efforts in Florida, where according to his calculations, he holds a twenty percent lead.

Before opening his victory speech for question and answer, Trump talked about the United States trade deficit, lowering taxes for the middle class, and the depletion of the military.

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In the question and answer, Trump discussed the expansion of the Republican Party and its unprecedented growth since his presidential run. He called it "more dynamic and diverse." "Republicans have tremendous energy," Trump said. "I think we'll be able to unify the party."

He called himself a "common sense conservative" when addressing a question on Planned Parenthood. He acknowledged the help the organization has done for women. He did say, however, he said he did not support funding it as long as it provided abortions.

He admitted, perhaps he isn't a "perfect conservative," but he reverted to his firm stances on the border, veterans and the military, "Obamacare," and getting rid of the common core. "I'm a truth teller," Trump said.

He discussed how he would work with Congress, challenging President Barack Obama's tactics, specifically on executive orders. "Does he ever speak to Congress?"

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He also challenged Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "Hillary Clinton doesn't have a clue."

He questioned her inaction on the declining middle class and said her record as Secretary of State was "abysmal."

Trump elaborated on his disdain for the establishment, "Politicians are all talk, no action," before he recalled Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey who stood behind him. "Except for Chris Christie, of course."

In addition, he answered a question on terrorism where he stated he would build safe zone in Syria, paid for by the gulf states.

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As for the lack of jobs in the U.S., he called out various American companies such as Nabisco, Ford, and Apple for taking production abroad.

"You'll be very proud of me as a president."

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