Clinton and Trump Win Big on Super Tuesday

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both earned significant victories on Super Tuesday as both campaigns begin to look forward to the general election.

Clinton won Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Virginia and Massachusetts, while Trump won Tennessee, Alabama, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia and Vermont, according to the Associated Press. Clinton also won the primary in American Samoa.

Bernie Sanders earned a victory in his home state of Vermont, as well as in the Oklahoma primary and the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won his home state as well as Oklahoma.

After failing to grab a win in the first several Super Tuesday returns, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won the Republican caucus in Minnesota.

The stakes on this Super Tuesday are high for both parties. Across 11 states, 595 Republican delegates are up for grabs – nearly half the number needed to clinch the nomination. On the Democratic side, Clinton and Vermont Sen. Sanders are battling for 865 delegates.

This post was updated at 8:36 p.m. with the latest information.

All poll result figures in this report are courtesy of the Associated Press.