Angelenos Clamor for LA Rams Season Tickets

Written by Sanika Bhargaw and Victoria Berggren.

The Rams have received 45,000 season ticket deposits in the past two days after announcing their return to Los Angeles last Wednesday. Their ticket sales site remained so inundated that processing one purchase request online took more than 10 minutes—which, in 2016, is saying something.

The team is returning to their home turf this season after 21 years in St. Louis. A 3.1 million square-foot, state-of-the-art stadium in Inglewood is being built to host the team.

The NFL claims the Rams' new home will be the most expensive stadium in the nation, with projected costs upwards of $2.66 billion dollars.

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The stadium is expected to be completed in time for the 2019 NFL season; for their first few years in town, the Rams will play at the LA Memorial Coliseum, home to the USC Trojan football team—a plan drawing mixed reactions from students.

"I'm excited to have the Rams play at USC but I think it will make an already busy place even busier," said communication major Tabitha Grayston.

While some cited concerns of increased traffic around campus, in general, students at the football-loving school are eager to share their stadium.

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"I'm excited," said Jessica Bailey, a sophomore at USC. "I think students will love having another team to support."

Many believe the USC's beloved game day traditions will not be hindered by the Rams' return; instead, it will extend the game day festivities throughout the weekend.

"I love the atmosphere of football and to have one than one game a week would be great," said Jason Millstein, a student in USC's Marshall School of Business.

The Rams plan to continue to accept refundable $100 dollar deposits for season tickets through Feb. 8.

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