Luke Scorziell

Students have mixed reviews over the new program.
  • September 17
Several women have accused Biden of inappropriate touching in the last week
  • April 4
In exclusive first interview with USC Annenberg Media, Austin says alumni involved in the scheme will have the “status of their graduation status reviewed.”
  • March 19
Republicans on House Intelligence Committee call for Schiff’s resignation as chairman.
  • March 28
In August 2015, Fox News hosted the highest-rated primary debate ever. Now, they’re set to be excluded from the 2020 Democratic Primary debate cycle.
  • March 7
Thirteen Republicans join the Democratic majority voting 245-182, bringing in to question if the GOP majority in the Senate will hold
  • March 1
  • October 3
The House leader sets a date for the president to address the Congress and the nation in keeping with modern tradition
  • January 29

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