As winter wears on and the semester becomes packed with papers, tests and group projects, it can be difficult to feel inspired.

To top it off, we are still in the midst of a pandemic where isolation and separation are the keys to safety, and many of us are reeling from election fatigue. During these times, it can be incredibly hard to work up the motivation and inspiration to put on a cute outfit to simply walk over to our desks or kitchen tables and work.

It seems silly.

Yet, I for one, look to fashion for comfort in these times. Dressing up to sit in my house all day does seem counterintuitive, given the fact the idea of going to work or school in person seems outlandish at this point. But, it’s proven that what you wear impacts your mindset and that’s the positivity we need in 2021.

But if you’re like me and aren’t ready to put on a full work outfit but want to find new ways to dress up for a winter indoors, here are some of the biggest trends and some inspiration to go along.

UGG Boots

It has been almost a year since I last put on heels. While I do miss a nice pointed toe pump, I have found a new quarantine love in my UGG Boots.

As a young tween, UGG’s were all the rage in my middle school so I am happy to announce that according to Vogue, they’re back.

This time though, the boot is smaller, shorter, and perfect for a quick errand. But while the style has changed, the warmth has not. Given their plush fur inside, UGG’s are the perfect shoe for work from home. And with stars from Kendall Jenner to Dua Lipa wearing them, they are sure to sell out quickly, so go grab a pair!

Check out these stars rocking their UGGS for inspiration:

Fancy Pajamas

While dressing up is proven to better your mood, it must be remembered we are in hard times. Many of us may be silently fighting battles every day whether that be mentally, physically or emotionally.

The pandemic is filled with highs and lows. And on low days simply getting your work done is an achievement. If you are into fashion but need to stay comfy and cozy for the day, try these feather-trimmed pajamas by the Sleeper for those days you’re feeling a bit more drained.

It is definitely a steeper price point for pajamas, but given the fact that all we do is stay indoors, the price per wear may add up. And don’t worry, they go on sale! Plus, the feather trims are sure to bring a smile to your face even on the toughest days working from your laptop.

Check out the way these influencers styled these pajamas for your WFH style:

Puffer Coats

The puffer jacket was one of the hot ticket items last year, and the trend is sticking around! Top model Doutzen Kroes was spotted wearing hers in Milan, and even Kendall Jenner has been spotted rocking the uber-popular North Face puffer.

The versatility of the puffer jacket is one of the best attributes. You can dress it up or down, and with so many varieties, it’s possible to find the perfect puffiness and color for everyone.

From the North Face to ASOS, there is also a puffer jacket for every price range allowing you to channel your inner off-duty model look no matter what.

Check out these looks for your puffer coat inspiration:

Silk Mask

No doubt, face masks are the biggest winter trend this year and the most important. A face mask is the best way to stay stylish and more importantly stay safe in the pandemic.

If you are looking to up your facemask game, try these silk face masks. Not only are they better for your skin, but they are also proven to be effective. Win-win, right? But, despite the effectiveness of masks, let’s all try to stay home and stay safe this winter.

Check out these chic masks for inspiration for the next errand run: