It didn’t take long for the cubed figures lined up along the untouched land of Skylar’s brand new Minecraft server to break rank.

Streamers were introducing themselves to each other’s chats, while off in the grasses, Brian Herron, a staff member of the USC Minecraft server and PirateSully a SC Live streamer were punching each other into oblivion as Sarryberry mentioned her major in computational neuroscience.

Herron and PirateSully punching each other during introductions
Herron and PirateSully punching each other during introductions

Saturday’s festivities marked the launch of SC Live’s SMP Minecraft server, USC’s team of student live streamers all joining up to mine and craft together in the popular “Survival Multiplayer” (SMP) genre of Minecraft gameplay. It’s the multiplayer version of the classic Minecraft Survival gamemode where a player finds materials in order to build shelter and survive the harrowing nights, later gathering enough resources to make it to “The End”, and defeat the dragon that lies in wait.

Skylar (an alias), a USC Live streamer and a student at USC had the idea for the project. “The main reason I wanted to have an SMP was because I wanted to have a way to play and interact with all the other streamers in SC Live,” she said.

Skylar's avatar (Photo by Oliver Scott)
Skylar's avatar (Photo by Oliver Scott)

Streamers began trickling into the Discord server around 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, and conversations sprung up over the sharing of resources, maybe using a glitch to make it to the top of Minecraft’s hell: the Nether. People talked of massive farms, city planning, and an inevitable de-planning with the looming wars between players and factions on the horizon. At 7 p.m. the server opened up, and the grassy spawn area filled up with cubed figures representing the many faces of USC Live.

Among them were Skylar, alongside PirateSully, Yobroitsjo, Guiyyu, Sarryberry, Brighton, Brian Herron, ArmyBox, CanadianHybrid and Emma. More were to follow as the server continued to grow.

Jo started streaming a few months ago, and now has over 1000 followers. He was looking for a new server to play on when the idea came up in the SC Live Discord server. “I’m looking forward to interacting with the other members and having random adventures with them (and the shenanigans of course),” he said.

The SMP genre of Minecraft is flourishing as a viewership experience, a perfect model for teams of streamers, as the shared world lends itself to floating around the streams of its inhabitants. Viewers have made Wikis for the various servers: written, pictorial and graphical histories of the most important events.

Historical timeline of the
Historical timeline of the "Dream SMP" server (From dreamteam Wiki)

Its success on Twitch was an inspiration for the SC Live iteration. “I’ve been watching a lot of SMPs in the last couple months (e.g. SMP Earth, Dream SMP, etc) and have been loving the content on there, and thought that it would be fun to try out with everyone else,” said Skylar.

Streamers continue trickling in as the SC Live server continues to grow, thriving with all the industry Minecraft provides.