Warning: This article contains spoilers

Last week the “Bachelorette” producers fooled everyone. Not only were the men striving for Clare Crawley’s heart likable, but so was Clare – until now.

Let’s start with the first group date. The group date was to teach the men about expressing love languages, which include words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

Using words of affirmation, the men were to profess their love to Clare.

Not only was this unnatural to watch, but even more so when remembering in Bachelor nation, this is most likely day two of the competition. Granted, “The Bachelorette” does move quickly to finish filming, but to be professing love on day two is a bit weird.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. The men were also forced to run back to their rooms and find a gift for Clare. And most uncomfortable of all was when Clare and the men put on blindfolds and awkwardly hugged in front of everyone to feel their physical connection.

It is understandable that producers had their hands tied regarding date options given the pandemic, but there is no way this date was the best they could do. For a first group date, this was simultaneously too much and incredibly boring.

As day turns to night, it comes time for the infamous cocktail party, where Clare sits down with the men and they all toast.

An awkward silence takes over the group as it seems none of the men really know what is supposed to happen next.

After a few seconds, one of the men vying for Clare’s heart, Bennett, takes the lead to pull Clare away. But, being pulled away by Bennett does not satisfy Clare, for all she is thinking about is the awkward silence that has convinced her none of the men are there for her.

Poor Bennett attempts to talk to Clare, who stops him and goes back to confront the other men. She tells her suitors that she was insulted and asks why no one jumped to the plate to take her away. Let us not forget, Bennett did.

This confrontation was the first part of unreasonable Clare in the episode.

First, Clare did not even give Bennett, the one guy who took her away first, a chance. Second, it is the first group date. How were the men supposed to know that they were the ones to ask to grab Clare and not the other way around?

Lastly, it was just an awkward silence. Yes, those silences are uncomfortable but it does not automatically mean no one is there for the right reasons. It seemed that Clare is too in her own head and wants perfection from these men in every aspect of life, when perfection is not possible.

It also seemed that Clare did not want to be pulled by Bennett first, and this confrontation was indirectly towards Dale, who is Clare’s favorite.

Next, it is time for the first one-on-one date of the season, which goes to Jason.

The date card told Jason to write a letter to his younger self and bring it with him on the date. On this date, Clare wanted Jason to be vulnerable and to open up to her, so they both wrote the mean things people had said about them that they had begun to believe about themselves.

They both took these phrases and got rid of them, freeing themselves from the past. Yet, Clare wanted to know more about Jason, asking him to open up in ways that he seemed uncomfortable with.

It’s understandable that since Clare is an older Bachelorette she wants to see the deeper connection with the men, but shouldn’t there be a grace period? Shouldn’t the men be allowed to casually get to know Clare before opening up their deepest secrets?

Finally, it is time for the last group date, which became strip dodgeball at Clare’s request. During the competition, whichever team lost was forced to strip in some way and would not attend the cocktail party. Comparatively, whichever team won the competition spent the cocktail party with Clare.

Ultimately, the blue team lost the competition and was sent back to the mansion while the red team soaked up the cocktail party with Clare. This cocktail party is where we have the most bewildering part of the night: the atrocity Clare committed by sending Brandon home.

Again, as we saw in the first cocktail party, Clare is simply too in her head. When Brandon pulled Clare away to spend a moment together, he said that he joined the show because Clare was beautiful and wanted to get to know her better.

Yet, Clare took this compliment as an insult that Brandon only came on the show because she was beautiful.

Just as before, Clare was completely overthinking and expecting perfection. What did she expect Brandon to say? Was Brandon supposed to know her whole life and be able to write a biography about her? I simply do not know what she was looking for.

Brandon saying she was beautiful and wanting to know her better was extremely logical. But to Clare, this was not good enough and Brandon was unfairly sent home.

Tonight, the rose ceremony will lead us into the third episode of the season. But, I do not know if I have much hope since the season opener was subpar and this episode was bottom of the barrel.

I rate this episode a 1 out of 5, leaving me to wonder, when does Tayshia Adams become the Bachelorette?