Covid-19 cases are currently on the rise everywhere. USC Professor and health expert Frances Richmond talks about what we know about the virus and why a surge in cases is still happening.


Cases are spiking and yet, we don’t seem to want to be in total lockdown.

“I think partly it is because people are social animals.”

Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences at USC, Frances Richmond, says it’s hard to contain this very contagious virus because we don’t want to live alone.

“They aren’t overly impressed with living in isolation for long periods of time.”

Richmond says it’s hard even to know who should shelter-in-place. Because this virus has what she calls “the lagging indicator.”

“So if you get sick, you don’t know what for a few days. And then you don’t go to the hospital for a few more days...People realize that it’s out of control. But you’re two weeks late on being out of control at least. So we still have a ways to go."

Professor Richmond says the fear of the unknown with this virus is going down, and we are learning what helps.

“We know a lot more now, don’t we? We know a lot more. We know that masks are really quite effective, especially in open spaces, as long as you keep your distance.”

Professor Frances Richmond also holds out hope for the vaccine.

“And I think that we will find that if we’re going to control it, it will be through preventative measures like vaccines.”

So far, nearly 225,000 Americans have died from this virus and that number is rising every day.