Halloween and football season are fast approaching. Eager to break the monotony of the virtual semester and blow off steam before finals week, students may feel more tempted than ever to celebrate in large social gatherings.


In her weekly briefing this morning, USC Chief Health Officer Sarah Van Orman said she’s pleased that student COVID cases have been low over the last few weeks. But even with a 0% positivity rate heading into Halloween and the first Trojan football game, Van Orman says students need to stay on their guard.

“We are concerned, as is our county, about going into the Halloween period … With Halloween, with potentially our first game, there’s going to be a normal want to get together socially, so we’re really continuing asking students to be vigilant on that and remember that those things are still not safe and not permitted and it would be very easy for us to have a very significant uptick again.”

Van Orman adds that any students found to be in violation of these restrictions could face serious disciplinary action.

“We’re continuing to share the information with students and off campus property owners that gatherings, parties with people outside your household, are not permitted.”

She says that to safely transition back to some form of in-person instruction in the spring… as of now… students need to continue to exercise restraint.