It’s no question that Latin and Hispanic singers have a certain charisma to them. This Billboard’s Latin Music Week, we reached out to some fans across the world that demonstrate just how far and wide Latin music goes.

Here are just a few of the artworks that show that talent transcends beyond the music artist and into their dedicated fans.

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Fan art for J Balvin

Name: Luther Marchan (@lutherj2)

Where: Venezuela

Favorite J Balvin song: “Amarillo”

Luther makes digital collages ranging from fan art to art including helpful resources, such as his piece providing emergency numbers to call during the quarantine. He also creates self-portrait collages.

Fan art for Becky G

Name: Vanessa Vargas (@undistinguishedvanart)

Where: Orlando, Florida

Favorite Becky G song: “Green Light Go” or “Mayores”

“I listen to Becky G because she makes good music, not one song of hers is bad, every single one bops! I also listen to her because she is genuinely really cool in the way she carries herself and is comfortable showing off her sensuality and culture.”

Fan art for Rosalía

Name: Antonia Nicolaescu (@antosketches)

Where: Romania

Favorite Rosalía song: “MALAMENTE - Cap.1:Augurio”

“I always wanted to draw Rosalía and I’m so happy I finally did it! I love to listen to Rosalía because her music brings me so much joy and her lyrics have a powerful meaning for me.”

Name: João Victor (@mirror_dsoul)

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

“I am 24 years old, Rosalía is an artist that inspires me a lot, as her songs connect with my soul and my art. She is a very important artist for this generation. My work’s aesthetics are unique and she always liked that and shared my work and I am extremely grateful for that.”

Fan art for Bad Bunny

Name: Stephanie Alcala (@sartistcreations)

Where: Born and raised in the Central Valley of California. Parents came here from Mexico

Favorite Bad Bunny song: “Yo Perreo Sola”

“I listen to Bad Bunny because he is unique and isn’t afraid to try new things. My favorite song is ‘Yo Perreo Sola’ because he puts himself in the perspective of women which he does with many of his songs. He suggests how sometimes they just want to party alone and people should respect it which is refreshing to hear from a man in music.”

Fan art for Ozuna

Name: Anais Germosen (@anaisgsen_art)

Where: New York/ Dominican Republic

Favorite Ozuna song: “Caramelo”

Anais works digitally, creating celebrity illustrations using the software Procreate. Though she mostly focuses on drawing people, she also creates her own fashion sketches/designs.

Fan art for Maluma

Name: Alberto Vilanova (@avm.artt)

Where: Bilbao, Spain

Favorite Maluma album: PAPI JUANCHO

“I mainly dedicate myself to realistic portraits, as you can see on my account, I do all kinds of celebrities and among them is Maluma because I like him as an artist. I drew Maluma because I found him to be an interesting profile.”

Fan art for Karol G

Name: Gustavo Alvarado (@guzsx)

Where: Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Favorite Karol G song: “Ocean”

"Dibujo en mi tiempo libre como hobby y trabajo... ¿Por qué escucho a Karol G? Realmente yo escucho muchos artistas de música urbana y latina, me gustan lo que demuestran cambios positivos y crecimiento personal en sus vidas que no se limitan a hacer lo mismo de siempre y en vez de trabajar solo se divierten porque aman lo que hacen. Karol G es ese tipo de persona, una persona muy cariñosa, amable y muy divertida. Mi canción favorita de ella es “Ocean” porque me transmite todos sus sentimientos y es una canción que dediqué a alguien que valoro mucho y cuento mucho con esa persona en mi vida para superar mis miedos y mi dolor."

(In English: "I draw in my free time as a hobby and as my job… Why do I listen to Karol G? Honestly, I listen to a lot of urban and latin musical artists, I like how they demonstrate positive changes and personal growth in their lives, that they no limit themselves to always do the same thing and instead of working alone, they have fun because they love what they do. Karol G is that type of person, a very caring, kind, and fun person. My favorite song by Karol G is “Ocean” because it transmits all her emotions and it’s a song I dedicate to someone I value a lot and count on in my life to overcome my fears and pains.")

Fan art for JLo

Name: Micah Sammons (@micah_outline)

Where: Perth, Western Australia

Favorite JLo song: “I don’t actually have a favorite song that she wrote, because I believe they are all amazing.”

“From a young age I have always listened to JLo, personally I think she portrays a strong sense of emotion in her songs which helps me connect with her emotionally. Also another reason why I listen to her is she is just an entire vibe, always has amazing energy to put you in a fabulous mood.”

Fan art for Shakira

Name: Daniela Morales (@alittlecreamsoda)

Where: Venezuela

Favorite Shakira song: “Ojos Asi”

“I’ve loved Shakira since I was a child. I’ve always admired her and I loved her music and style and how versatile she is as an artist. My favorite song by her is Ojos Asi, that’s what inspired the illustration. It’s very nostalgic to me and I used to listen to that song on repeat after I got back from school. It has a magical vibe.”

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Fan art for Anitta

Name: Vic Matos (@vicmatos)

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

Favorite Anitta: “Vai Malandra”

“I listen to Anitta because she can mix pop music and Brazilian funk, making a unique sound.”

Fan art for Romeo Santos

Name: Jaritza Flores (@jariBeDominican)

Where: Dominican Republic

Favorite Romeo Santos: “Reina de Papi”

“Romeo has been my idol since I can remember, helped me out growing up a lot emotionally. Even though his music is planned out for adults, my family always played him and my father had a friendship with him as a 26 year old in New York the Bronx, playing dominoes when he was starting off with Aventura so I’ve always felt close and inspired with his chosen words in ALL his songs. I’m obsessed with my Romeo ... if I were to choose a song which to me is super hard, it’ll be ‘Reina de Papi’ on his Golden album. The story line just moves me because it shows that as a father the hurt that goes through a father having a child growing up is hard especially when he knows he didn’t raise that child to be less than successful and he would always want the absolute best for that little girl growing up. I’m very close to my father so I see the worries and Romeo talks about it the right just hits even though I’m definitely not raised as he talks about the girl and her father in his song.”

Though this article only provides a glimpse into each artist, we hope you check out their full body of work with the Instagram handles provided and maybe even commission their work!

*Billboard’s Latin Music Week will be taking place virtually this year, from October 20th through the 23rd. Check out their full schedule here.

The Billboard Latin Music Awards will broadcast live on Telemundo on Wednesday, October 21 starting at 7pm/6c with the red carpet pre-show and followed at 8pm/7c by the three-hour awards show from the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.

From Billboard Latin Music Week: Anitta, Becky G, JLo, J Balvin, Maluma, Ozuna, and Rosalía.

Update: This list of artists features both artists nominated for Billboard Latin Music Awards as well as artists participating in Billboard Latin Music Week.