USC students have had a bumpy start to this semester of zoom school. Some students organized a petition calling for these online classes to become pass or no pass because they felt overwhelmed. Last night, USC President Carol Folt made student wishes come true with her announcement.

Students have mixed emotions. Many were ecstatic, others confused and some even wondered if this was the right thing to do.

Raymond Rapanda is a senior journalism major.

“I was kind of confused and I guess I still I am confused about the actual policy, whether it’s going to be similar to the pass/no pass policy that was implemented mid spring semester.”

Here’s junior transfer student Joanne Tokita. She’s majoring in NGOs and social change.

“I’m really, really happy that the president said yes to it because I’ve been struggling in all my classes like it’s been a struggled to like stay on top of things.”

Emily Handy is a music performance major and a senior.

“As far as stress reduction goes, like with online classes and everything, I think it’s about the same as it was really, like you go and do it. You get more than halfway through and you’re still thinking you’re getting a letter grade. But the option is nice.”

Alia Atkins is a senior double majoring in creative writing and political science.

“It was a big weight off my shoulders when I decided to take it. Especially because I was already essentially kind of spiraling. So it was good to at least not worry about the pressure of grades on top of the pressure of hoping that everything would go back to normal at some point.”

Senior Everest Brady is a creative writing major, with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

“Mentally it’s not really preparing a generation well to have this fall back because we have fallbacks kind of in high school. Like if you mess up you’re okay. In college, that’s when you’re an adult. You should be prepared for consequences in a way, of how you study or just be more knowledgeable about yourself.”