Unexpected collaborations are the fruit of esports social media accounts, and Team Liquid’s Tweet about actor Asa Butterfield joining the organization was ripe for the morning feed.

“It kind of just happened naturally, which was really cool… It’s no secret that he’s into gaming and nerdy stuff… and a lot of the characters he plays in shows are funny and relatable and that’s something we also liked,” said Brittany Lattanzio, Team Liquid’s (TL) Senior talent manager.

Asa Butterfield, an actor known for his roles in Sex Education, Ender’s Game and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, joined Team Liquid last week after some already established friendships with the coach and several players on their Dota 2 team. He’ll be representing TL from the periphery, wearing jerseys and being a brand ambassador like he did with Panda Global just last year, though he may enter some Smash tournaments under the Team Liquid tag as well.

“He can act as a superfan of the team. We’re hoping to get some cool content with him, hoping to do just whatever he wants... having fun with esports and feeling involved because I think he’s quite passionate about it.” said Lattanzio. “Hopefully once events start up, he’ll come to a Dota event and do some content behind the scenes… or coach them for a show match or something.”

And while Butterfield was signed in the spirit of community engagement and to appeal to fans on the more casual side of gaming, Team Liquid still maintains that competition comes first.

“We are first and foremost a competitive esports team. But we recognize the importance of involving people from other spheres and other parts of gaming than just competition.” said Lattanzio.

This partnership with Butterfield marks another instance of mainstream content migrating into the gaming sphere, with the rise of Fortnite as an entertainment hub for concerts and Hollywood promo, Rapper Robert “Logic” Hall retiring from his music career to become a Twitch streamer, and Joe Biden campaign selling campaign signs in Animal Crossing.