The Larry O’Brien trophy is coming home with the Los Angeles Lakers for the seventeenth time. The Lakers have now tied the Boston Celtics for the most NBA titles in history.

This is one of many stories that come with the Lakers and what makes this championship so special.

In 2017, Jeanie Buss took control of the Lakers and has since become the first woman to win an NBA championship as the team’s owner and controlling governor.

Without the key acquisitions of veterans like Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard, the Lakers may not be champions right now. Rondo and Howard both found their role on the Lakers after having played for four other teams in the league over the past several years. With this ring, these two veterans have added to their hall of fame caliber resume.

Rondo is the first player to win a title with the two most historic franchises in the league, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Off the bench, Rondo tallied 105 assists, the most by any bench player in the postseason since 1970-71. 

Dwight Howard, an 8x All Star and All NBA with three defensive player of the year trophies, can now add NBA champion to his resume. Following a one-year stint with the Lakers in 2013, Howard left for Houston and tweeted, “I hope I get a chance to make it up to you! Thank u LA.” It’s safe to say Howard redeemed himself.

Star forward Anthony Davis, in his first season with the Lakers, has silenced many critics who have said he can’t perform on the biggest stage. Davis averaged 27.7 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 21 postseason games.

Davis has now become only the 6th player to win both a title in the NBA and NCAA; the others to do it are Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Isiah Thomas and Bill Russell. At age 27, Davis also has a gold medal from the 2012 Olympics.

LeBron James signed a four-year deal with the Lakers in 2018 and after missing the playoffs in his first season with the Lakers in 2019. James posted on his Instagram, “I promise Laker Nation the spell won’t last much longer! I swear. The marathon continues.” 

James kept his promise. The next year he reclaimed his throne. Now with his fourth NBA title, James is the first player to have three Finals MVP’s with three different organizations.

After the game, during the trophy presentation, James listed general manager Rob Pelinka, Coach Frank Vogel, Laker Nation, the fans and himself as wanting to be paid their respect after Pelinka finished seventh for NBA executive of the year, Vogel was not a finalist for coach of the year and James finished second in the regular-season MVP race.

This season felt special as if the Lakers were destined to win it for Lakers' legend Kobe Bryant. In what has been a historic year, the Lakers are starting this decade the way they have the last two, as NBA champions.