Amidst the new school year, USC Trojan Esports finds themselves with a new varsity League of Legends team ready to compete.

The new varsity roster was recently revealed, though is still subject to change, "As we have a player currently trying out as part of the rolling tryout for October,” according to head coach Joe Jacko.

Name Position Rank
Tran "Bips" Ngo Top Platinum 2
Samuel "Deamon" Moralejo Jungle Diamond 2
Edward "Meteoryte" Ansart Mid Diamond 4
Daimyan "USC Inferno" Angulo ADC Diamond 2
Alice "Lynne" Qian Support Diamond 2
JV/Sub Line Up:
Name: Position Rank
William "USC Breaker" Huang Top Diamond 3
Garrett "PoI" Krichbaum Jungle Diamond 3
Di "AsianSaltedf1sh" Wu Jungle Challenger
Matthew "hesh hesh hesh" Wu Mid Platinum 2
Karsten "USC bonzetti" Stouffer ADC Diamond 4
Alan "AlinaLife" Nguyen Support Diamond 4

Breaker mentioned that he will be taking a leave of absence this semester, and AsianSaltedf1sh will also be taking a back seat, as he currently lives in China, and will be graduating after the Fall semester.

The initial recruitment phase ran through September, with members practicing 2-5 in-house scrimmages alongside other competitors for a hopeful spot on the team. These games were showcased in order to focus on elements such as lane allocation, team fights, and players' abilities to function in a team setting.

According to Jacko, evaluations were based upon 4 main categories: game mechanics and understanding, communication, attitude, and miscellaneous. In addition, the tryouts were centered around a “rolling tryout” process for players who may have been cut short during the initial tryouts or were unable to make it.

“Rosters are not locked and can change if any USC student goes above and beyond in aspects of play such as raw skill, leadership, teamwork, and communication,” said Jacko. "If a student achieves a verified rank of Diamond II or higher in solo/duo queue they may try out again, or for the first time.

The team has players ranging from Diamond IV to Challenger, with Jacko only requiring that they be a high-ranked USC student (Diamond II or higher) with good academic standing in order to try out for a spot on varsity.

Last week, we sat down to talk to Jacko more about how the players are starting to settle in. Watch the full interview from our Twitch stream here:

Correction: The article previously displayed a roster that didn’t represent all players on the team.