An unapologetic 19-year-old Venezuelan singer-songwriter has made her mark with her first single. Carmen DeLeon released her first single, “Volverás” (meaning “You’ll Be Back” in English), on August 14, 2020. In just 2 minutes and 44 seconds, DeLeon has you dancing and singing along. And that’s exactly what the rising artist hoped for with the song. When asked how movement and dancing influence her music, the artist said, “Whenever I do a song, I want it to be a dancing song… I try to keep my movement, because that energy, you bring it into the song.”

As a young and rising Latinx female artist, DeLeon discussed her struggles with developing a fanbase. At a recent °1824 UMG x Capitol Records event held via Zoom, she talked about how male-dominated the Latinx music industry is and her aspirations to change that. After the event, I reflected on what DeLeon said. Analyzing the Latinx music scene, it’s harder to think of female artists who have gained popularity both in the US and around the world. Off the top of my head, I can only think of a few female Latinx artists who have accomplished this: Shakira and JLo. Yet, when considering male Latinx artists, more come to mind more quickly: Maluma, Ozuna, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Luis Fonsi, and Pitbull. The fact that only Shakira and JLo came to mind says a lot about whose voices are amplified in the industry. Though I love these two women, we need more representation of female Latinx artists our age, like Carmen DeLeon.

It’s important to see ourselves represented across different industries, especially in music. With more young female representation in the music industries, Latina teenagers can identify with someone around their age while also having someone to look up to. Though Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are great Latinx artists, they appeal more to English-speaking audiences. They communicate in English whereas Carmen DeLeon’s first single is in Spanish and she plans on including bilingual music in her upcoming album.

Addressing both English and Spanish-speaking audiences is so important. It also allows for more opportunities, both creatively and personably. After asking about her creative process when writing bilingual songs, DeLeon said that it’s easier for her to write in Spanish, as it is her mother tongue, but she likes the way English sounds lyrically. Her efforts to write and sing in both languages will go a long way, especially in the United States, as around 11.6 million people here are bilingual Spanish speakers(Scamman). Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the vibes of DeLeon’s music are enough to get you hooked.

It’s undeniable that this young singer is on track to become a global sensation. The positive energy she radiates combined with her artistic and bilingual abilities is what draws people to her. It’s only been a little over a month since she released “Volverás” and the single already has over 200,000 plays on Spotify. The singer has also accumulated approximately 68,654 monthly listeners and has nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram. After listening to her music and interacting with her at her press conference, DeLeon left an unforgettable impression on the Dimelo team.

Her youthful charisma makes her so relatable and likable. She is not afraid of being loud and honest, of being real and raw. In the press conference, she had a makeup-free face and wore comfortable clothing—a black cap, light blue sweatshorts and a cheetah print crop top. She showed us her blemishes, spoke about her near-death experience, and even called one of the attendees cute. This filterless presentation of herself was very refreshing and made the attendees feel like they were chatting with a friend. These qualities make her approachable, which is exactly what she wants people and her fans to think.

Her single is a reflection of these values as the lyrics explore self-worth and relationship dynamics. She tells a story that many can relate to but makes sure to emphasize self-love and how that can dictate what and who listeners want in their lives. Something she said that I’ve heard often is that “It’s better to be alone than badly accompanied.” I completely agree with this and her song definitely expresses this idea, too. Though it’s hard to be alone, learning to be alone and loving who you are beats being with someone that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself.

DeLeon worked with Marco Masís, better known as Tainy, for her first single. Tainy is a Puerto Rican music producer with a number of musical accolades under his belt including a Grammy nomination for his production of the popular song “I Like It” and a Latin Grammy award for Best Urban Music Album “Vibras”, J Balvin’s 2018 album.

According to DeLeon, Tainy is quiet and very humble, so when he bopped his head to her song, she knew that meant something good. Tainy’s production and DeLeon’s vocals create such an energetic, catchy song. Now, DeLeon’s song has over 200,000 plays on Spotify and the music video has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

If you haven’t listened to “Volverás” yet, you can stream it anywhere using this link! You won’t regret it.

Check out the dance to “Volverás” on TikTok here.

With such success so early in her career, DeLeon’s music is sure to make its way into your ears while her captivating, positive energy makes its way into your heart.