Music shapes us in many ways, and for musician Blxst, this truth rings throughout his debut “No Love Lost” EP. The South Central native found himself drawn to music in his formative years. Heavily influenced by his uncle and older sister’s local rap group, they constantly encouraged him to try his hand at spitting bars. Blxst would spend each day honing his skills as a wordsmith, “My uncle told me to look up a new word in the dictionary every day, so I fell in love with words.”

He found inspiration from other musicians and producers such as Pharrell, Kanye West and Ryan Leslie. This musical foundation led to Blxst’s musical origin story. After his parents separated, he went to live with his father in the Inland Empire area, and one day sitting with his emotions, he grabbed a laptop and taught himself how to produce and record music.

Since then, Blxst has made waves in the music industry, working with notable artists such as Kendrick Lamar, YG and Eric Bellinger. In 2019 he partnered up with Bino Rideaux for the collaborative “Sixtape” EP, which garnered nearly five million total streams. Riding the collaboration’s success, Blxst delivered a solo track “Hurt,” which racked up 2.4 million Spotify streams. Fast forward to 2020, Blxst lends his voice to Mozzy’s track “I Ain’t Perfect,” and teams up with Red Bull Records to compose his “No Love Lost” EP set to release on Sept. 4, 2020.

Blxst (Photo by Brandon Hicks)
Blxst (Photo by Brandon Hicks)

Blxst’s “No Love Lost” EP features eight tracks perfectly crafted with the two P’s I look for in a musician’s work: production, and pen game. These P’s add to the listener and artist relationship as Blxst not only picks up the mic, but also crafts each beat from scratch.

Upon first listen, Blxst’s work ethic and style shine through. When asked how he wants fans to receive his music, Blxst explains, “I want you to be able to drive to my music. That’s the most important thing. I try to make the sound smooth, laidback, and cohesive. I like to live in both worlds of R&B and rap.” The duality of R&B and rap can be heard on the EP title track “No Love Lost,” sitting at No. 1 on the project. Production on each track is filled with up-tempo percussion with mellow synths as Blxst charismatically raps and sings. Transition into the lead single “Overrated” as Blxst glides over the beat rapping verses and sings the catchy post-chorus:

“I’m willing to give you all this love I got ... But no relationships involved ... I just need your loyalty, that’s all ... Don’t need love” - Overrated, No Love Lost EP, Blxst, 2020

From there, Blxst cements this musical offering with the third track, “Wrong Or Right.” The song merges bluesy guitar licks, woozy synths, and heavenly harmonies as Blxst sings about the loyalty a significant other shows him whether he is wrong or right. “Gang Slide” sits at the fourth spot showcasing Blxst’s production skills. When asked about his creative process, Blxst says, “Usually, I start producing a beat from scratch and once I have a skeleton (the basics of the beat), I freestyle melodies and let whatever I feel come out. Once I’m done laying vocals, I double back on production.” He uses the track as a metaphor, saying that “You think of it in terms of a drive-by, but I flipped it into pulling up on a girl to do what we do. It’s got a bounce to it.”

At the halfway marks comes the track “Be Alone,” a smooth, sultry song that interpolates Aaliyah’s “I Don’t Wanna” from the “Next Friday” soundtrack. On “Just Say’n,” Blxst bears his soul to his significant other as he reminds her of what could be, but “she’s been acting different.” And to serve as a resolution, “Searching” steps along on a delicate groove as he “reassures [his] girl she picked the right guy.”

“I want to make it cool to love again,” he exclaims. “There’s a lot of bragging and boasting out there, but I really focus on honest, relationship-based songs. Those can stand out, because there’s not enough of them from a positive perspective.”

One thing is for sure, with the “No Love Lost” EP, Blxst has a solid record with immense replay value. When it comes to who this record is for, Blxst answers that best, explaining that, “I want to speak to the kid who is in his bedroom all alone wondering if this is possible and showing him it is,” he leaves off. “My life is the definition of dreams to reality. I’m here to let you know you’re not alone. That’s the most important thing always.”

“No Love Lost” is available now everywhere.