In this Trojan Tale, Abhinanda Bhattacharyya took us behind the scenes with the Department of Public Safety, a highly visible and yet somehow still elusive group of men and women who keep USC students safe. She went out on patrol with DPS supervisor Rodney Peacock on a Friday night in the summer of 2019, and found out what a typical night on the job looks like for him. Bhattacharyya’s DPS adventure took her all the way from Leavey Library to the 77th street LAPD station, where she could not bring her recording device. The night ended up being tame, by Sgt. Peacock ‘s standards even as she watched someone being detained for possession of stolen property. Sgt. Peacock said that things can get far crazier than that, and suggested she call him back another time, maybe in the fall or spring semesters, when more students are on campus, for a second DPS adventure.