Democractic candidate Andrew Yang dropped out of the 2020presidential race hours before the Democratic primary in New Hampshire Tuesday.

“While there is great work left to be done, you know I am the math guy, and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race,” Yang said, according to CNN.

This announcement followed a poor showing in Iowa, where Yang only received 1% of the final vote in the state caucus, according to The New York Times. While Yang’s base was relatively small, the Yang Gang showed a strong and impassioned presence on social media throughout the campaign.

The Yang Gang was also prominent on USC’s campus. They were often seen tabling in front of Tommy Trojan or putting Yang stickers on traffic light poles near the USC Village.

Some of his USC supporters were not surprised that Yang dropped out of the race and shared who they were going to support moving forward.

“Looking forward as a moderate, I’m going to look into more moderate candidates like Biden and Buttigieg, but I’m going to look into candidates I haven’t looked at before, and I’m excited to vote in the primaries,” said Justin Chang, a junior majoring in human biology and political science.

Justin Chang was disappointed to hear about Yang’s drop out and mentioned that other followers of the group were too. He added that he was hopeful in Yang’s candidacy based off of his campaign promises. One of Yang’s signature proposals included “giving $1,000 to every adult to help them adapt to the effects of computer automation,” according to Politico.

Stephen Chang, a junior majoring in biological sciences, supported Yang because the former candidate addressed issues other policy makers did not..

“I kind of saw it coming considering how he did in Iowa...based on the numbers it wasn’t gonna happen...I feel like a lot of people might have felt the same way,” Stephen Chang said. “It was disappointing, but he set a new precedent for who can run and what a campaign should be about.”

Stephen Chang also stated that he shows support for Bernie Sanders, who he thinks is “another candidate who showed potential on beating Donald Trump.”

Yang himself previously said that he supported Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primary, and could see his supporters switch allegiance to the senator if he were to drop out of the race.

“I think that Berie and I do have a lot of overlap in support so it wouldn’t be surprising to me if many of our supporters head in that direction,” Yang told reporters in January.

At this time it is unclear whether Yang will endorse another candidate in the primary.

Although their first-choice candidate is no longer in the running, the Yang Gang continues to seek for other candidates who best align with their policies and beliefs.

Supporters outside of the USC community also shared similar reactions after hearing the news.

Zack Gianino, who switched his party from Republican to Democrat to vote for Andrew Yang, showed his support on Twitter.

“I’m voting for Andrew Yang in the election and if you think that’s a wasted vote i think that's a wasted opinion,”Gianino wrote. He also emphasized that the “The Yang Gang isn’t dying.”

Twitter user Michael Patrick also posted that he would continue to support Yang and grow its network “over the next 4 years with local Yang Gang groups on each city and region.”

After Yang’s drop out, the Yang Gang continues to show endless support for him by creating hashtags like #Yang2024 and #YangGangforever. The former presidential candidate tweeted “We’ll be back” on Tuesday, leaving the members of the Yang Gang hopeful for the next campaign.