USC administrators continued to engage the university community about its values poll, hosting its penultimate and seventh town hall meeting on Monday.

The event, held at the USC Town and Gown, was hosted by The Culture Journey. It was among the eight sessions -- held between January 21st and February 6th -- to discuss the USC Values Polls that were conducted last fall.

President Carol Folt commissioned The Culture Journey in order to effectively communicate with the USC community and work towards connecting USC’s values to its mission, especially after the scandals from the previous year.

“Your voice matters in strengthening the culture,” Folt said in a video message played at the beginning of the town hall.

Other administrators at the town hall echoed her commitment to fostering open communication between USC and its community.

“This is a journey that’s just beginning,” Jeffrey de Caen, Associate Dean for Operations for the Thornton School of Music, said.

Caen, who led the session, appeared optimistic about the future of USC’s community, describing how “the fact that money and resources are being put into events like these” is an accomplishment in itself.

He stressed the importance of having an open conversation about values as the stepping stone towards meeting USC’s desired goals.

The USC values polls had 19,756 participants, including 4,015 undergraduate students and 5,076 graduate students, and an overall 24.7% participation rate from students, staff, and faculty.

The polls were an online survey that asked participants to answer questions about their personal values, the current values at USC, and their desired values for the USC community. Students, staff, and faculty were all consistent in their desired values, and 9 out of the 10 desired values are not found in USC’s current values. This highlights that USC has many areas to prioritize in the coming year.

The event attracted a small crowd, mostly made up of faculty and staff. One graduate student, Bo Yang, said he came after seeing an email about the event.

“I’m curious to hear about the discussion of USC’s values,” said Yang.