Former New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic Candidate Michael Bloomberg kicked off his “Get It Done Express” bus tour in Compton Monday, as part of his efforts to appeal to California voters.

Despite his late start on the campaign trail, Bloomberg is determined to gain traction in California - Los Angeles specifically. He’s already earned the endorsement of former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as well as from Compton Mayor Aja Brown during Monday’s event.

During the endorsement, Brown emphasized Bloomberg’s experience as Mayor in New York.

“He has a proven track record of producing results and is committed to energizing and investing in our nation’s people with a real plan to create new economic opportunities and leveling the playing field for people of color,” Brown said.

The event, which was hosted at Dollarhide Community Center, highlighted the Bloomberg campaign’s focus on defeating Donald Trump.

Before his presidential campaign, Bloomberg served as the Mayor of New York City from 2002-2013, when the city experienced positive economic growth, lowered crime rates and increased emphasis on public health. He launched his self-funded campaign in November and some of his critical issues include gun control, climate change and taxes.

Bloomberg appealed to California voters with a state-specific housing plan.

“I put forward a really ambitious housing plan for this city and the whole country. We are going to help working families afford to pay the rent,” Bloomberg said.

Before the Superbowl, Fox aired an eight-minute interview between President Donald Trump and reporter Sean Hannity. During this interview, Trump named Bloomberg as the candidate he would prefer to run against.

“Donald Trump’s insults do not bother me. I’m a New Yorker, and I’ve never backed down from a bully or an insult from another New Yorker,” Bloomberg said. “Donald Trump has tried to bully a lot of people over the past three years; he is not going to bully me, and I won’t let him bully you either.”

Event attendee Carolyn Hines is still an undecided voter in the upcoming primaries.

“For me, it’s anybody that can beat Trump, and any way we have to do it as Democrats we have to do it,” Hines said. “I’m glad he didn’t go to Iowa, I’m glad I took the time off to see him in Compton, and I’m glad he came to Compton.”

Bloomberg hopes that the extra time spent in California will help him gain traction on the west coast.

“I am running to defeat Donald Trump, and I am running to bring the country back together and to start putting the ‘united’ back in the United States of America,” Bloomberg said.