William Hasley was once a lost teenager, until he found meaning by joining the LA City Parmelettes Drum Line. The drum line has performed all over the country, and recently at the American Influencer Awards.

Hasley’s mother struggled with COPD. Ever since he was 12 years old, he has been taking care of her. Her illness was once almost fatal.

“I would get bullied you know kids would tease me, because my mom wasn’t like their mom in their eyes. You know my mom was different, she was weird, you know handicapped,” said Hasley.

Hasley found a post about the drum line on Facebook and decided to apply. The drum line accepts everyone regardless of their experience in music.

“One of the kids who are in junior high are staying in cars with their parents. I tell them look, I have a head start program, come do some volunteer work. I’ll give you money and let me see if I can reach out to some of my people that I know that is resourceful to help you guys and then they end up getting housing and childcare,” said founder of the program Lakisha Mack.

Mack funds the program with her own money. She owns two businesses that she uses to be able to fund the drum line.