Mercado La Paloma is a hybrid marketplace and cultural mecca dedicated to uplifting the surrounding community and providing a space for locals to share their creative and culinary talents. According to chef Gilberto Cetina Jr., who is the owner of two popular restaurants in the mercado, the Figueroa corridor has mixed reviews. However, since its construction, Mercado La Paloma has brought a significant amount of value and popularity to the neighborhood where it is located.

Mercado La Paloma has created several opportunities for the surrounding community including the creation of much needed jobs and the endorsement of art and culture.

The mercado dispenses a series of services including the health center Esperan Salud, which is open to the public and it also provides the public with office spaces to hold community meetings and events.

Mercado La Paloma was build with the support of the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation. The company built the space with the intention to achieve comprehensive and long-term community development.

The Esperanza corporation has launched multiple different community based projects but Mercado La Paloma has significantly helped to strengthen the social infrastructure of the neighborhood and build hope within the community.

The mercado located just some miles away from the USC campus provides the surrounding community with different recreational and leisure activities under one roof. They have contributed enormously to the economic and social growth in the area by supporting small business owners and fostering community involvement.