When senior Mo Williams entered USC as a real estate major, he had no idea his artistic passion project would morph into a thriving business. His art and fashion label, UNALIKETYPE, began as an avenue for Williams to express his newfound artistic abilities. Now, the brand strives to spread its sense of love to its customers as it works toward future clothing and art drops.

Williams explained that art did not come as an obvious hobby or passion for him. It wasn’t until he stepped out of his comfort zone in high school and took a digital art class.

“I didn't really become an artist until I just took one art class in high school,” Williams said. “It was a digital media class, and I was pretty good at Photoshop, so I started to dabble into art. I started drawing on my clothes in high school, and I had this idea that maybe I could do this one day.”

UNALIKETYPE came about on a whim, Williams said. He explained that in the summer of 2018, he was hanging out with a friend when his inspiration struck.

“I always had artistic traits, [but] I just didn’t really tap into that until last summer,” Williams said. “[My friend] had a canvas, and I didn’t really know that I could paint or anything and I just started painting, and what I painted that day ended up being the design I used for EPISODEONE.”

Williams explained that his inspiration comes from within. His artworks take on an abstract quality that he credits to his spirituality.

“My inspiration is really just believing in myself,” Williams said. “I’m super spiritual, so when I paint I always tell my friends that I’m letting go. It’s just me on this planet, it’s just my arm, the paintbrush, and the canvas and I go with whatever I feel. There’s really no artist I look up to and I didn’t go to school to be an artist or anything, but it’s just what comes out of me and that’s the beauty of all of this.”

According to Williams, UNALIKETYPE is just scratching the surface of what he wants the brand to become. Looking toward the future, Williams envisions that UNALIKETYPE will expand to other creative outlets.

“I want UNALIKETYPE to be a creative conglomerate,” Williams said. “I want to reach every industry. I want to branch into music or have a record label. My vision and my purpose is to help spread love onto this planet, and that’s what I try to do with every single piece of my art.”

In the more recent future, the brand anticipates its third clothing drop, EPISODETHREE, to become available during the upcoming holiday season.