On today’s episode of From Where We Are, Zeta Beta Tau and the USC Panhellenic Council have a plan to respond to recent overdoses on campus, a gathering of corgis and their “parents” , and students from Hong Kong talk about the protests back home.

All this and more, From Where We Are.

Producers: Luke Scorziell, Joshua Chang, Evan Jacoby, Aiyonna White, and Isaiah Murtaugh

Hosts: Jolene Pumphrey and Helena Getaylew

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USC fraternity doing “everything in their power” to provide narcan at fall register
By Arielle Smith

In a statement to Annenberg Media on Thursday, a representative of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at USC said the fraternity is “unable to comment about whether they will have [narcan] this weekend, but they are doing everything in their power to make it happen.” USC Panhellenic President Maya McGrath says it will be up to each house on the row to determine whether or not Narcan will be made available.

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Expert discusses dangers of fentanyl, solutions
By Luke Scorziell

Police investigators have not determined the cause of several student deaths, but are looking into tainted drugs as a possibility, according to the LA Times. Campus officials have mentioned fentanyl or other opioids as a possible culprit. Dr. Bryce Pardo says many victims of fentanyl overdose are not aware they are consuming the drug.

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Students set up “Lennon Wall” to support Hong Kong protests
By Joshua Chang

Earlier this afternoon, a group of students from Hong Kong set up a booth in front the Wallis Annenberg Hall on campus with two goals in mind: To generate support among USC students for the democratization movement in Hong Kong with their own “Lennon Wall," and to initiate constructive debate with other students who may not agree with the movement. Passersby were asked to write messages of support on the wall, which is inspired by real-life counterparts in Hong Kong and Prague

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Highlights from the fifth Democratic debate
By Twesha Dikshit

Ten of the top candidates took the stage to argue over a range of issues including family leave, LGBT+ and women’s rights, and housing. The next debate will be in Los Angeles on December 19, 2019.

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Impeachment Hearings: Day 5 Recap
By Aiyonna White, Sinead Chang

Fiona Hill, a former national security adviser to President Trump, called the theory that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 election a “fictional narrative.”

The counselor for political affairs at the US Embassy in Ukraine, David Holmes, also testified. He stated that Ukrainians felt pressure to conduct investigations that President Trump wanted in order to receive US aid.

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Bear on other side of LA hibernates for rivalry week
By Chace Beech, Myra Wu

Fearful of Trojan fans, the Bruin bear hides in a box in Westwood.

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Trojan Knights camp in front of Tommy Trojan to protect iconic statue from UCLA vandalism
By Myra Wu

As the rivalry match between USC and UCLA approaches, many USC students are all too familiar with the historic acts of vandalism committed by both sides on their rivals’ respective on-campus symbols. That’s why the Trojan Knights camp in front of the iconic Tommy Trojan statue on Trousdale Parkway, keeping a watchful eye for potential acts of Bruin mayhem.

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“OK Boomer” signals growing divide between generations
By Nancy Guan

Millenials and Gen Zers have turned to the phrase “OK Boomer” as a means to cut off people of older generations when they attempt to characterize youth generally. This trend has gone viral on social media, specifically through Instagram and TikTok.

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Understanding the present and future of Alzheimer’s disease in America
By Sarah Alegre

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Alzheimer’s is one of the most common forms of dementia - a degenerative brain disease that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Our reporter visited an Alzheimer’s patient and his caretaker to talk about daily life combating the disease.

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Audio Postcard: Corgis of USC Meet-up
By Baoqi “Eileen” Chen

Dozens of corgis gathered at USC on Sunday to play, socialize, and pose for photos with each other and with adoring fans.