The streets of Nashville hum with the vibrations of music that flow throughout the city. New artists to seasoned veterans perform on the famous stages littered throughout the city at places like the Grand Ole Opry House and The Bluebird Café. While Nashville is known as the country music capital, it is evolving into a haven for musicians from all music genres.

Aspiring singers across the country make the pilgrimage to this mecca of music, and iHeartRadio Digital Artist of the Month and rising country music star Liddy Clark wants to be one of those people.

“Nashville is unlike any other city for music,” Clark said. “I mean you go to a random, bar, gas station or restaurant and there’s somebody playing music and it’s all just insanely talented people. I want to be surrounded by a community that appreciates it that much, and is such a creative environment.”

Although she’s from Florida, Nashville is on her mind when it comes to cultivating her music and career.

The Florida native has been taking vocal lessons and singing in musicals since she was seven years old. So it’s no surprise that music has been Clark’s passion for most of her life. At 13, she picked up the guitar and started learning to write her own songs.

These skills are still being heightened at USC, where Clark studies at the Thornton School of Music all while managing her singing career.

“Being surrounded by so many talented individuals, like the music industry program is insane,” Clark said. “They're just so uniquely talented in each and every way. And it's so inspiring getting to meet all these people and see the amazing things they're doing, and that definitely inspired the different tones in my music.”

Courtesy of Liddy Clark
Courtesy of Liddy Clark

Clark has an anticipated video and new version of her song “Hit and Run” coming out Nov. 22. Written by Clark, “Hit and Run” was inspired by recently unfriending someone who had been spreading rumors behind her back.

“I decided I wanted to write a song that got those feelings out, and was able to express that in a new metaphorical type of way,” Clark said. “So I just went in with a hook, 'hit and run’ and me and my co-writer worked on it.”

Growing up in Florida, Clark had a deep relationship with the BB&T Center, an arena in the southern town of Sunrise. When she was younger, she’d attend concerts there. Today, she hopes to one day headline a concert there, featuring opening acts of her choice.

“To be able to share that space where I've seen so many people perform before it, would be amazing,” Clark said. “I'm really big about supporting local music and about supporting new acts. So I would probably want somebody who's pretty fresh and music.”

If you are a fan of country music check out Liddy Clark, and listen to her popular singles: “Shot Down, “I Hope You Dance” and “Hit & Run.”