Jorge Carlos Vergara Madrigal, Mexican businessman and now former owner of Club Deportivo Guadalajara most commonly known as Chivas, passed away this morning on Nov. 15, after suffering a cardiac arrest in New York as communicated in a statement by his son Amaury Vergara.

On his Twitter statement, he said “with deep sadness and pain in my heart, I want to inform you that my father, Jorge Carlos Vergara Madrigal, transcended this life due to a cardiac arrest on November 15 in New York City. My father left surrounded by light in the company of our family, full of love and blessed by the deep affection many of you sent his way."

Vergara was best known for his revolutionary moves within the Mexican soccer league, Liga MX, and his support for young Mexican talent. As the owner of the only all-Mexican soccer team, Vergara’s support for an all-Mexican club has given the National Mexican team a pool of native talent to choose from having multiple of his players selected to play with the National Team.

After taking over the leadership of Chivas in 2002, he began rebranding the team by first removing all sponsorship from the jersey and began marketing the Las Chivas name to capitalize on it. This reached a peak when Chivas ended its relationship with Televisa to create their own network called Chivas TV in 2016.

Jorge Vergara supported and gave rise to some of the most successful Mexican soccer players in recent years. Including Javier “Chicharito’ Hernandez and other Mexican soccer icons like Omar Bravo.

The one-time owner of Chivas USA, once based in Los Angeles, was also former owner of Costa Rican sports club Deportivo Saprissa.

Vergara was also the owner of Grupo Omnilife, a Mexico-based multi-level marketing company and with who he went on to distribute its products to approximately 5.2 million people in 22 countries.

Many of the players that got to meet him were deeply moved and showed their condolences through social media.

(Courtesy of Javier Hernandez's Instagram)
(Courtesy of Javier Hernandez's Instagram)