As the impeachment hearings finally get underway, one thing is for sure; millions on both sides of the aisle have long made up their mind, thanks to the immense power of social media and cable news.

No matter what occurs in these hearings, statements that damage the President will not penetrate conservative media, and vice versa for liberal spaces. There’s nothing mysterious about how or why our media, and subsequently our politics, ended up this way. It all comes down to the almighty dollar...

According to a recent poll by the Public American Research Institute, 55% of Republicans who say Fox News is their primary news source say there is nothing the President could do to lose their approval. That loyalty extends to elected Republican officials as well.

This media ecosystem has created a situation where elected Republicans simply have no choice but to support the President. They fear only their own base on the right, not the majority of other voters.

This isn’t going to be Watergate. It won’t even be the Clinton hearings. It’s just another day of the kind of hyper-partisan politics this country has become all to accustomed with.

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