Did you miss Coachella? Don't worry, this Saturday the Fairplex in Pomona will be full of life and music with world-renowned musicians and bands in the popular Tropicalia Music and Taco Fest.

Tropicalia is a two-day festival taking place this weekend Nov. 9-10. The festival celebrates Latin music with artists from a wide range of genres, such as Norteño, Chicano rock, Indie pop/rock and others.

The festival’s lineup promises to excite most music lovers. Attendees can enjoy a variety of music ranging from norteñas with Los Tigres del Norte, Rock en Español with Caifanes and Indie pop with Cuco.

The event is hosted in collaboration with L.A. Taco and will have the city’s hottest taqueros representing a diverse group of taco styles from all over SoCal.

Here is a preview of some of the groups and artists that will be present:

Los Tigres del Norte, also known as Los Jefes de Jefes (The Bosses of Bosses), are one of Mexico’s most iconic Norteño groups. Although their music is often played at family parties, they are also recognized for making songs with a political message. Some of their songs document important moments in history and raise awareness against the government’s corruption and immigration policies.

Caifanes was one of the first rock bands to gain international fame in the 80s when rock music was looked down upon in Mexico. After going inactive in 1995, they reunited in 2010 and have been up and about on their tour with their new single “Heridos”.

Cuco is a 21-year-old Latinx L.A. based artist influenced by Chicano rap. The artist is a sensation among the young generations. If you want to learn more about his style check out his Spanglish single “Lo Que Siento.”

Chicano Batman is another Los Angeles based band. The band is known for their funky style, which is inspired by bands like The Beatles.

Fans can still purchase their tickets at: https://tropicaliafestival.com/