The judge denied the claim filed by The Uplift Inglewood Coalition, a group of community members who advocate for change within the city, saying that the planned stadium does not violate any laws.

The Coalition claimed in the lawsuit that the City violated the state’s Surplus Land Act, which ensures that if cities, counties or agencies sell land, it is vital that they use the land for creating housing developments. In the ruling, the judge found that the plot where Murphy’s Bowl stadium will be built cannot be used for housing since it is too close to LAX flight paths and poses public health risks according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“We continue to argue that City officials enable billionaires to profit from our displacement while systematically excluding residents from participating in closed-door decisions that have drastic impacts on their lives, including traffic congestion and skyrocketing rent increases,” The Coalition stated in a press release after the ruling. “This is essentially housing discrimination.”

The Coalition added that they plan to appeal the ruling.

Meanwhile, the Clippers’ plan to build a billion-dollar arena by the year 2024 remains on hold after the California Air Resources Board decided the project may not be up to environmental standards.