On today’s show, wildfires spread throughout the state, protesters gather at the Santa Anita Racetrack, and a New York Times reporter talks climate change.

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Old Water Fire blazes through San Bernardino National Forest
By Albert Qian, Becky Sweeney

Early Thursday morning, a vegetation fire broke out in the San Bernardino National Forest. Winds have spread the blaze over more than 100 acres and dozens of residents have been forced to evacuate.

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Wildfire at Sonoma County causes deliberate power outages and evacuations

USC Annenberg Media talked to Tiffany Camhi, a reporter with NPR’s KQED. She was at an evacuation center in Healdsburg, Sonoma County.

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California power companies PG&E and Southern California Edison shut off power supply during wildfires
By Nancy Guan

To try to prevent future fires, PG&E in Northern California and Southern California Edison have deemed it necessary to shut off power to tens of thousands of customers across the state. But politicians and customers are criticizing the blackouts because they say they are disruptive.

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Cal Fire captain addresses growing threat of wildfires across SoCal

USC Annenberg Media talks with Cal Fire Captain Nick Pericelli about the numerous simultaneous wildfires across Southern California, and what first responders are doing to fight the flames.

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Welcome to Anaheim, California, the country’s hottest city
By Annie Nguyen, Ashley Raymer

Some of you may know Anaheim as the city of Disneyland, the home of the Angels baseball team, or the chili pepper named after the city. However, the pepper isn’t the only hot thing about Anaheim.

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Los Angeles is a dissatisfying place to live, USC survey concludes
By Kate Lý Johnston, Madina Zermeno, Beatrice Gao, and Alixandria Maria

USC’s Center for Economic and Social Research concludes the L.A. lifestyle lags behind other U.S. cities.

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Blood on the tracks: protests erupt at Santa Anita
By Hayley Smith

The Santa Anita race track has become a symbolic battleground for an impassioned debate about the future of horse racing.

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Tulsa massacre in today’s media
By Jamia Pugh

The Tulsa massacre of 1921 is a both a important and forgotten about event in American history. The new HBO series “Watchmen" depicts the riots in the first episode of the season premiere.

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Zuckerberg interrogated by Congress about new cryptocurrency proposal
By Celine Mendiola

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Libra in June, a new cryptocurrency aiming to help finance 1.7 billion people without access to a bank. But during the six-hour hearing, Congress representatives raised their concerns about the implications of having Libra as a new currency.