Undergraduate Student Government doubled down on their commitment to working with other universities in the Student Leadership Association of California (SLAC) at Tuesday’s meeting.

Senior Director of Communications of USG Truman Fritz presented the SLAC Support Resolution to the Senate as a way to affirm USG’s contributions to the SLAC summit and set an example for other colleges involved.

“We hope to build a network of colleges in California so that we can not only address specific problems on each campus, but broader issues happening on a state scale like sexual assault and college admission scandals,” said Fritz, who also serves as SLAC’s interim chair of the board of directors.

SLAC was formed in 2018 by Occidental College, USC and Pitzer College. Last Sunday’s conference at UCLA featured 91 delegates from 15 institutions representing 195,701 students in California, according to the resolution.

Fritz believes supporting each other is necessary for the well-being of the student body in each university.

In August, SLAC wrote an op-ed about the college admissions scandal for The Los Angeles Times that featured student government officials from Stanford University, Yale University, USC and UCLA. In the piece, student body presidents from the four universities highlighted the inequality in standardized test preparation.

“There will be a united front to express our support towards convictions and values as student leaders representing each college,” Fritz said.

USG also published a joint statement with UCLA that condemned the universities for their handling of sexual misconduct allegations and called for more conversations about incidents of sexual assault and harassment on campus.

“We can be Bruins or Trojans, but at the end of the day we are still students,” Fritz said.

USG Vice President Mahin Tahsin also gave updates on the Disabled Access To Road Transportation (DART) program that was implemented on campus last week. The service was extended one hour and will now run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The service enables students who might not be able to get from place to place independently to get a free ride on a golf cart and is not available for off-campus locations.

Tahsin also gave presentations of hiring stipend roles and non-stipend roles in different branches as well as election commissioners, which will be voted on next week.