Popular streetwear label, Fear of God, has launched its “the atmosphere” pop-up shop in Downtown Los Angeles where customers can experience a museum-like exhibit of high fashion.

Since pop-up shops are a frequent occurrence in the LA area, Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo upped the prestige of his shop by creating an immersive retail experience for clientele. The temporary store is located at 427 S. Hewitt St.

Upon entering the shop, customers first walk along a black runway surrounded by a desert landscape with pieces from Lorenzo’s line speckled throughout. Motion-activated lights are placed throughout the exhibition that spotlight articles of clothing as you approach them. At the end of the exhibit, there is a retail space that allows patrons to buy some of the items they viewed.

The shop officially opened its doors on Oct. 5th and plans to remain open until Nov. 3.

This is not the first Fear of God pop-up, but unlike its predecessors this one is designed to be an enveloping experience, thus earning its title “the atmosphere.” According to employees, the shop has been receiving great traffic since its debut.

Some customers at the pop-up shop, like Anthony Scott, traveled great distances to have a chance to witness the atmosphere. “I’m here because I’m a huge fan of Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God and when I heard they were having a pop-up and I had some time off I decided to make the drive from Riverside,” Scott said. “This is my first time here and so far I love the experience when you walk in. It’s amazing.”

Some of the customers shopping at the store discovered the brand through its social media accounts— specifically Instagram. In fact, the Instagram account for Fear of God has more than one million followers. Both Lorenzo and his label garnered much attention after he created some 15 designs for Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” World Tour.

Some USC students commend the store for its ability to combine multiple mediums of art. One student, Alysha Menakaya, lauds “the atmosphere” for its creativity.

“I think it’s brilliant. I think that a lot of designers... sell themselves short and they sell their work short by not making it a piece of art like other works and I think it’s inspiration for other artists… It makes the clothing an experience, and you leave the store talking about it and wanting to post pictures of it and not just buy the clothes.”

While the pop-up does a great job at showcasing fashion in an innovative way, the prices of the pieces themselves are not accessible for many of its admirers. Many of the pieces featured in the shop cost hundreds of dollars. USC senior and fashion company owner Caradi Star Henley understands the designer’s decision for establishing a high price point.

“As an owner of a fashion company, I think I see the validity in a price point being high. Just knowing that the quality is nice and even though it might just be sweatpants or shirts or jackets, quality means a lot,” Henley said. “I think there are many students on this campus that don’t mind buying a $700 sweatshirt.”