Warner Bros. Pictures won big in the box office this weekend with “Joker.” The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, became the highest-grossing October opening in history, making $248 million worldwide. This isn’t the first time the movie has made headlines. Over the past few weeks, the origin-story film received backlash for the way it depicted the “Batman” villain’s mental health and use of violence. LAPD upped police presence at theaters showing “Joker” after potential threats of violence were posted online. USC School of Cinematic Arts professor Lisa Leeman said that her students noticed the high volume of law enforcement officials around the theater and even felt frightened inside. USC student Luc Daniels went to see the movie and said that the violence of the film was intense but not the main focus. Leeman said that such portrayals of violence in films can influence audience members to emulate the acts seen on screen. LAPD still encourages everyone to go and enjoy but to remain vigilant.