The music industry is so flooded with new artists it’s difficult to figure out whose music you should listen to. Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music try to help by giving suggestions based on your current taste in music.

Sometimes those suggestions are terrible and you wonder what the algorithm was thinking when it made that suggestion. Well we are here to give you great suggestions! So if you are a fan of discovering new music you should give artist Rence a listen.

Just in time for “Hot Boy Girl Fall” singer Rence dropped his EP entitled “Fall 2019.” It has 6 tracks titled: Darkside, super sad, I know, You don’t wanna know me, Patience, and Darker.

Rence talks in an interview with mood magazine about the emotion in the EP. Rence hopes that his EP can help others going through hard times like it did for him.

“This EP is me opening up about some of my darker moments,” he said. “Sharing some of the times I didn’t feel ok. Within the project I face some of my darker moments of the past few months with the hope that I can better understand them and grow.

Illustration courtesy of Natalie Occhipinti.
Illustration courtesy of Natalie Occhipinti.

You cannot squeeze Rence into one genre of music his sound is diverse. He credits to his access to technology and streaming services allowing him access to a wide variety of music.

“Honestly, I don’t even think of music in terms of genres, even mentioning a genre is one of those sorts of taboo things that shall not be spoken of while in the studio,” Rence said to Earmilk. “Whenever I work, the idea is for everyone in the session to be super excited about whatever we’re working on generally excited about the music. The goal is maximum creativity and keeping loose boundaries on myself for the type of music I want."

Rence has music for everyone and for whatever mood you are in. If you are looking to add new artist and music to your playlist check him out.