The “Unions for All” march was organized to bring awareness to the hardships faced by drivers, airline workers, and childcare workers on a daily basis. If unionized, companies would be required to give all employees equal protections, regardless of their job. These protections would include minimum wage and overtime pay.

Presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris made an appearance at the march and kicked off the rally.

“We must support working men and women. We know that without labor, without organized labor, without collective bargaining our rights will not be ensured. We know that because of organized labor because of the sacrifice, the blood, sweat and tears that all people regardless of whether they’re a member of a union or not have benefited. Everyone needs to understand in America. Thank labor for that five-day work week. Thank labor for that 8-hour workday. Thank labor for that weekend, sick leave and holiday time," Harris said.

The march came one day before the Unions for All summit--currently taking place until Sunday in Los Angeles. Organizers are hopeful that this pressure on corporations will stop them from commissioning their employees as independent contractors even though Uber and Lyft already stated that this would adversely affect their businesses if it went through.