The sixth season of “The Flash” will race onto television screens Tuesday night.

The upcoming season of the CW’s DC Comics slate — which includes “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Batwoman” — will be the last to feature all five series as “Arrow” is concluding with a 10-episode final season this fall.

Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen/The Flash, walked the red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con this summer donning the official Flash ring prop from the set. Gustin said that he didn’t feel any added pressure now that “Arrow” is on its way out and about to leave the CW’s DC universe without its leader, Oliver Queen.

“I think in a good way our shows have always been able to stand on their own two legs,” Gustin said. “I think that’s why it’s really cool when we see them kind of come together for these crossovers because Barry and Oliver are so incredibly different.”

Candice Patton, who plays Iris West-Allen, revealed that the sixth season will pick up immediately after the events of the fifth season finale where Barry and Iris’s daughter, Nora, was erased from the timeline and disappeared.

“You see [Barry and Iris] very early on trying to figure out the best way to grieve Nora respectfully and move forward,” Patton said. “There’s still a lot of craziness happening in Central City and Barry and Iris and the team have to get prepared for that.”

The new season will also feature a number of changes for Team Flash including the introduction of a new villain played by Sendhil Ramamurthy and the repercussions of the loss of Cisco Ramon’s powers at the end of last season.

Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco in the series, was optimistic about his character’s evolution outside of his vibe superhero and the new path that writers have set up for him.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the team,” Valdes said. “But, I know that they might miss Vibe, but Cisco definitely does not miss being Vibe at the beginning of season six.”

Tom Cavanaugh also teased the introduction of another version of his Harrison Wells character. The last season featured the Sherlock Holmes-esque character named Sherloque Wells who departed for Earth-216 at the end of the season, which left Team Flash without a Wells character once again.

“This guy will be a little more swashbuckling, a bit of a rogue and adventurer filled with intrigue, deceit, and a modicum of sensuality,” Cavanaugh said.

This will mark the 16th version of the character portrayed by Cavanaugh since season one.

Danielle Panabaker, who plays scientist Caitlin Snow as well as her alter-ego Killer Frost, teased Killer Frost’s involvement in the yearly crossover could be bigger this year.

“I think we’re going to get to see a little bit more of Killer Frost and her personality,” Panabaker said. “I think that could be a lot of fun to take her to the crossovers and see how she behaves with everyone else.”

Talk of this year’s crossover was rampant at the convention with everyone eager to learn how it would affect all of the DC Comics series on the CW. A title card at the end of last season’s crossover revealed that this year’s crossover will be called “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and will be inspired by the landmark comic series of the same name.

Producers have since revealed that the crossover will feature numerous guest stars and cameos including Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tom Welling reprising his “Smallville” role as Superman, and Brandon Routh doing double time as both a different Superman and The Atom.

The five-episode crossover event is expected to begin in December 2019 and conclude in January 2020.