A USC shuttle bus was struck by a Mercedes at 27th and Hoover on Monday evening. Two Annenberg Media reporters were passengers on the bus.

The bus was transporting about 10 students, including the author of this story. All of the passengers immediately began to check if anyone was suffering any injuries. The bus driver said he was experiencing shoulder discomfort.

The driver of the Mercedes was a non-USC male, according to a DPS report. He was transported to a local hospital for head and leg injuries.

The Mercedes was heading southbound on Hoover street when it crashed into the back of the shuttle. The property damage in the accident was minimal for the USC shuttle while the Mercedes’ left side hood had major damage.

USC graduate student Heather Giles said, “I saw something light colored coming really fast by my window.”

Giles began to complain of neck pain and was examined at the scene by paramedics. She refused further medical assistance.

At this time, it is not clear who is at fault for the accident, authorities will continue to investigate.