USC Undergraduate Student Government President Trenton Stone announced a pilot program to offer university students free HIV testing at the student health center. The initiative would sponsor undergraduate and graduate students who would normally have to pay out-of-pocket for the testing, Stone said in an interview after Tuesday night’s Senate meeting.

Stone said the out-of-pocket payments have discouraged students from using the health center for sexual health testing.

“Us sponsoring [the free HIV testing initiative] is way to see the true usage numbers if there is no financial barrier as a way to pilot interest in future sexual health testing for free," Stone said.

Students can take advantage of the free testing by going directly to the health center or making an appointment online, according to Stone.

USG Senate also approved the Trojan Council Resolution. The resolution, first presented by Stone in a meeting on August 27th, will bring together leaders of the Academic Senate, Staff Assembly, and Undergraduate and Graduate Student Governments to address issues that affect the entire university community.

Stone said he wants to formalize the coalition to work with USC’s administration and be a “formal advising body to people like the president [of the university]."

Stone also announced a new process for the renewal of registered student organizations. Instead of the previous one-on-one renewal process , five members of each organization’s executive board will be required to watch a series of training videos and pass a quiz.

The videos will also include new diversity and sustainability training.

USG will be also renewing many of their programs and initiatives from last year, Stone announced. This includes the free New York Times subscriptions for students and Trojan Food Pantry, a collaborative effort from the university to address food insecurity on campus and provide temporary relief for those experiencing food emergencies.

To conclude the meeting, Senators Sara Khoshniyati and Haley Garland said they have met with administrators to discuss the use of dining dollars in the University Village. Khoshniyati said they will make a formal announcement about the discussion at next week’s meeting.