“Season of the Witches,” is the name of the new psychological thriller produced and directed by Deborah Riley Draper, Sherri Daye Scott and Ilene Liff Mier, a team of women renown in the film industry.

Daye Scott, writer and producer of the film, fell in love with the island after traveling there before Hurricane Maria and got inspired to write this film.  “Puerto Rico offered so much in terms of architecture, sound, color and I asked myself: what kind of story can I tell here?” said Daye Scott.

The movie takes place in Puerto Rico, where three American doctoral students are “doing good” by volunteering post-hurricane. The story takes a turn when they have to decide whether to turn themselves in after murdering a local playboy in revenge. The film raises the stakes on what it means to be moral and good.

Besides portraying the island, the film intends to help reinvigorate Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Approximately 80% of the film’s budget will go directly into the local economy through the hiring of 50 production crew and extras from Puerto Rico, goods, services and accommodations. “Season of Witches” will also highlight local businesses, products and locations. This will be the first movie project to be filmed in Ponce, Puerto Rico post-hurricane Maria. “The city of Ponce has gone all out for the support of this project,” said Daye Scott.

Donations from the film’s proceeds will go to organizations who work on rebuilding the island’s creative community and economy. “It’s our intention to donate to the arts in Puerto Rico,” said Daye Scott.